Crossing the Line game

About Crossing the Line


first person mystical thriller about fighting with the darkness.

A terrorist attack has caused many deaths including the wife of chief police detective Edward Mason. This horrific act has brought a lot of sorrow and left the world in shock. A few years have past but the investigation still hasn't moved.

Mason finds himself more often at the bottom of a whiskey glass in the local bar. He begins to see his wife in his dreams. In those dreams she is crying for help and it's killing him inside. He slowly comes to the realisation of the fact that he can't help her and that she is gone forever.

Unable to deal with his grief, Mason decides to begin his own investigation. He starts to search, looking for some answers. He knows the only thing left to do is to dig a little deeper into the case, but some doors are better left closed.

Crossing the Line old screenshot

Crossing the Line old screenshot


Shifting between two worlds, guns, demons and...

The main idea of the game - is an ability to cross the line between the physical world and so called shadow world, world of the dead. This opens you a variety of ways to play the game.

While being outside the physical body, main character can fight his enemies by killing their souls in the shadow world. But every interaction with shadow world makes main character experience pain. The longer you stay in the shadow world the greater pain is and the lower health are. So if you stay long enough in the shadow world you might end up being here for the rest of eternity.

Another way of action is to open a portal between two worlds and summon terrifying creatures. Hungry for souls, those creatures will attack everything that is moving including main character. But they can save your live by keeping your enemies occupied while you are regaining your strength.